15W Wireless Charger & Sanitizer Box

• 15W wireless charging pad built-on top of UV/LED cleaning box
• The LEDs work at 257.3nm – 365nm wavelength coverage, emitting
disinfecting UV light
•Interior space (7.2”L x 4”W x 1.6”H) can be used for more than just cell phone cleaning; use it to sterilize glasses, watches, jewelry, smartwatches, fitness trackers, ear buds, credit cards, keys, small personal grooming tools, and other small objects
• 3 second hold-down on power button starts cycle; indicated by the blue light-up rim
• Working process time: 5 minutes
• Indicator lights – Blue during cycle
• Automatic shut-off at end of cycle or mid-cycle when lid is opened
• Lightweight and portable
• Aromatherapy diffuser capable
• Includes Type-C charging cord (wall outlet adapter not included)
• White only

Min Qty: 6
Sale Price: $59.99
Reg. Price: $79.19

Item # EL191