Our History

Oak Leaf Promotions, founded in the early 1990s by Menno Lepp in the basement of his family home in Mitchell, MB, has evolved into a thriving business with a remarkable history. Menno’s commitment to relationship-building and community involvement laid the foundation for the company’s growth and success.

In 2007, a significant milestone was reached when Menno secured a commercial space and opened Oak Leaf Promotions’ first brick-and-mortar storefront on Main Street in the business district of Steinbach, MB. The company continued to thrive, leading to its incorporation in 2008.

Despite the company’s success, Menno decided it was time to sell the business. This decision marked a turning point. Tim Schmitt, a design consultant for a cabinet company in Winnipeg, heard about the opportunity to purchase Oak Leaf Promotions. In May of 2011, he made the decision to leave his cabinet career and become a full-time small business owner.

Throughout this transition, Barb Froese, who was Menno’s first employee, remained with the company. Her experience and dedication were invaluable to Tim as he learned the ins and outs of the industry. Barb’s contributions made a significant impact on Oak Leaf Promotions during her many years of service, culminating in her well-deserved retirement in the Spring of 2023.

This history reflects a journey, from humble beginnings in a basement to becoming a successful business in the heart of Steinbach. Oak Leaf Promotions is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of its founders and team members.